Financial Resources

SVPRO assists clients seeking support by liaising and advocating on each individual’s behalf. This may take the form of providing accompaniment to, and support at any necessary meetings, identifying the fewest steps possible to direct requests, or expediting the navigation of institutional structures and processes.

Financial support

The impact of sexual violence is far reaching. After an experience of violence, harassment or harm, we may experience unanticipated costs related to necessary healthcare, safety measures, and overall well-being. We may find that it is difficult for us to work or study, which can have significant financial consequences. SVPRO can help identify resources that may help with these costs.

  • Enrolment Services Advisors (ES Advisors)
    For students, ES Advisors can help access funding, including scholarships, bursaries, awards, loans, and other financial support. If you would like to explore this option, SVPRO has worked with ES to develop protocols that allow for time sensitive collaboration and service provision. Our relationship with ES is in place to protect your information with the highest degree of confidentiality possible. If you are seeking emergency funding or tuition reimbursement, we can help liaise and advocate on your behalf, accompany you to meetings, and minimize information sharing.
  • GSS Graduate Student Financial Aid
    If you are a graduate student experiencing unexpected financial hardship, you can apply for financial aid from the Graduate Student Society for a wide range of expenses, except for school tuition. SVPRO Support Specialists can be of assistance navigating what and how much information needs to be shared for a successful application.
  • British Columbia’s Crime Victim Assistance Program
    This program is available if the sexual misconduct you experienced took the form of a crime, such as sexual assault or criminal harassment. SVPRO can provide information about the program and eligibility. We can assist with the completion of required forms, and liaise with the program as a conduit for communication and information and provide supportive statements to enable claim approval. In addition the program also provides recommended counsellors that are within their coverage- our familiarity with the process allows us to assist in finding a person who is a good fit for you.It is not always clear, but you do not necessarily have to report to the police to access this program. Sometimes it is really overwhelming, and we can help with managing the administrative burden of accessing the fund. Processing of claims is not immediate and can take a few weeks to a few months.
  • UBC/AMS Food Bank
    Emergency food relief service for UBC students in need.

See Housing Resources page for financial aid related to housing.