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Academic concession

After experiencing a traumatic event, some people may find that they are having a hard time studying, keeping up with their school work, receiving grades lower than they would have otherwise, or they may have concerns about attendance. Academic concessions are available to help support a person in meeting their academic goals, despite these challenges. Concessions can range from receiving options to fulfill missed coursework, to getting a deferral or late withdrawal. Review the different types of academic concessions.

Under UBC’s Academic Concession Policy, those who have been impacted by sexualized violence can seek an academic concession. Oftentimes, people may be unsure if they are eligible for an academic concession. “Sexual Violence and Misconduct” is an umbrella term includes many types of harm. If you’re unsure about eligibility for an academic concession, connect with an SVPRO Support Specialist.

The grounds for Academic Concessions for sexualized violence may include compassionate grounds and/or medical circumstances:

  • Compassionate grounds
    These grounds are available for any traumatic event, and in particular for any experience of Sexual Misconduct encountered by a student, family member, or close friend.
  • Medical circumstances
    These circumstances can apply if the harm leads to physical or mental illness, including a change in an existing physical or mental condition.

You do not have to determine what type of concession to ask for. If impacts related to sexualized violence are interfering with your academics, an SVPRO Support Specialist can help you access and navigate academic support options and resources, including concessions. Contact SVPRO by email at, or call 604 822 1588 to arrange an appointment.

SVPRO can provide documentation for you as needed, as well as help to coordinate concessions across courses, departments, schools, and faculties. Each Faculty also has an Academic Advising Office that can provide information and access to concessions. You can go directly to your Advising Office, or contact SVPRO for assistance.