We teach toward the world we want to live in.

Social Ecological Model

The Social Ecological Model is used to examine social problems and identify solutions. The idea is that social change happens throughout each sphere of influence. To effectively create change as we seek to challenge and disrupt harmful narratives, we need to engage at all levels across the social-ecological model, establishing consistency in our shared understanding of the problem—in this case sexual and gender-based violence, harassment, and harm.

This involves everyone’s individual growth, the health of relationships, participation in communities, and transforming institutions and policies to center the safety and well-being of individuals and communities who have been oppressed.

SVPRO Strategy

Our strategy for prevention is multi-faceted. Through outreach, event planning, support, panel participation, presentations, Q&A sessions, workshops or training, and consultations, we work toward attitudinal, behavioural, social, and systemic change.

Our work is grounded in intersectional feminist, anti-oppression, strengths-based, and survivor-centred principles. We design our education and prevention programming using a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing from the fields of public health, education, psychology, social work, critical race studies, community planning, and public policy. This list is by no means exhaustive, but rather a sample of the influences we seek out to create programming that is relevant, effective, and new. We are committed to fresh and innovative programming that allows us to be responsive as we learn and grow.

SVPRO Prevention Education

We build our programs in-house so they fit our community. Our educational programming addresses the following:

  • Primary Prevention
    Addressing root causes through individual and cultural change. Topics include Media Literacy, Inequity and Power Dynamics, Receiving Feedback, and Intoxication Impact.
  • Secondary Prevention
    Addressing incidents as they occur through upstander intervention. Topics include Upstander Intervention, Consent Culture, and Leadership & Organizational Culture.
  • Tertiary Prevention
    Addressing trauma that has occurred through empathy building. Topics include Neurobiology of Trauma, Supporting Survivors, SVPR0, and UBC’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.

SVPRO Programming Options

If you are interested in booking a workshop, training, or consultation, complete the SVPRO Outreach form.

  • Tabling: SVPRO volunteers and staff are available to set up a table or booth to connect directly with your community, answer questions, and share our resources. This is a great way to create awareness of SVPRO and to build connections with people who might be interested in accessing SVPRO services. Request an SVPRO outreach/table if you are looking to bring resources to your event or space.
  • Event planning/support: Event planning can involve considerations around inclusivity, accessibility, consent culture, safety, and harm reduction or including content related to the work of SVPRO. We can support you to address these pieces and/or advise you regarding content development, speakers, or appropriate resources. If you are organizing an event related to the topic of sexual violence or are seeking to create safer and more inclusive spaces, you can request SVPRO event planning/support.
  • Media Literacy: SVPRO Media Literacy programming uses content from television, film, advertisements, music videos, or other platforms, to discuss the impact and ramifications of the messaging we are exposed to throughout our lives. We use an intersectional lens to take a critical look at the messages within the content. Request a media literacy event if your team or group is looking for a lighthearted way to engage in critical discussions about the media we consume.
  • Panel Participation: An intersectional perspective on sexual violence can enrich panel discussions on relevant and related themes. SVPRO can make important connections between our work and a wide range of topics.  If you are organizing a panel for a conference or event and would like to include philosophies, approaches, and analysis on sexual and gender-based violence, harassment, or harm, you can request this option.
  • Presentation and Q&A: SVPRO can offer presentations on sexual violence prevention and response and tailor it for your specific context and audience. We can introduce new information or deepen understanding on the root causes of harm, intervention, support, accountability, and UBC resources. Request a presentation if you are looking for us to speak to your class, team, or membership.
  • Workshop or Training: Through workshops/trainings SVPRO staff can provide tailored content connecting relevant information with your specific roles and responsibilities. We will work with your team or group to learn more about your needs to ensure that information shared can be applied in your unique context. Workshops are for those seeking interactive training with a more tangible takeaway.
  • Consulting (insight, guidance, or strategy): SVPRO’s work to create safer environments, shift organizational culture, and adopt new policies and practices can be long term and require initial or ongoing support. SVPRO staff are available to work alongside departments, teams, professors, student societies and other groups in determining their unique needs and offering insight, guidance, and strategy. You can request a consultation if you are looking for confidential support with strategic planning and decision-making processes.