End Racism x End Sexual Violence

Racism and sexualized violence are inherited tools of oppression handed down from our lasting and devastating legacy of genocide, enslavement, and patriarchy.

This Sexual Assault Awareness Month, our events are an insistence that all conversations about ending sexualized violence must also reflect the relationship to historical and ongoing colonialism, slavery, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism. Connections between identity-based oppression and violence are inextricably linked. We will not end any oppression until we end all oppression.

Processes such as colonization and imperialism contribute to the widespread belief that it is normal and acceptable to disregard the autonomy and self-determination of individuals and communities. Dismantling these beliefs requires an ongoing, vigilant rejection of racist and colonizer ideals and institutions. Only when we learn to truly respect and value the autonomy and self-determination of individuals and communities may we begin to move toward a culture of consent.

Key Events

Student Leadership x Culture Change

Student leaders who have done courageous, creative, and necessary work around consent culture and anti-racism over the last year will share about their emerging and ongoing culture change initiatives and what’s possible for other student groups.

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SVPRO x Elaine Alec Present Calling My Spirit Back

Join Elaine Alec for a reading and discussion about her recent book titled Calling My Spirit Back. Elaine shares her story of survival and transformation. It is about intergenerational trauma caused by colonialism and the hard work that goes into healing and breaking cycles, and how the teachings of a nation and lived experiences can be channeled to heal and strengthen communities.

Moderated by students from both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

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Generocksity x SVPRO: Let’s Get Sexucated!

Generocksity and UBC’s Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office (SVPRO) are co-hosting a virtual trivia night on Thursday, January 21st to raise awareness during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). UBC SVPRO is a confidential place for those who have experienced, or been impacted by, any form of sexual or gender-based violence, harassment, or harm, regardless of where or when it took place. SVPRO recognizes that survivors are the expert of their own experience and get to decide what is right for them. We aim to be a safer space for all by respecting each person’s unique and multiple identities and experiences. All genders and sexualities are welcome.

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Eternity Martis – What does it mean to be a student (and woman) of colour on a Canadian university campus today?

Debunking the myth of Canada’s racial tolerance and the idea that student life is ‘breezy’, Eternity leads us through her own experience as a young Black woman on campus and ties it to the devastating history of racism and sexism atCanadian universities, the re-emergence of blackface parties, and the rise of the alt-right, white supremacy, rape culture and hate crimes at schools, both from far-right groups and students.

Eternity will then be joined in conversation by UBC’s Vice President of Students, Ainsley Carry; and award-winning LGBTQ journalist and host of BuzzFeed News podcast BuzzFeed Daily, Zach Stafford.

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SVPRO x Cathartic Laughs: Joking About the Hard Stuff Through Stand-Up Comedy

Come to this workshop if you are interested in looking at your hard stuff (which doesn’t have to be sexual assault) with an eye for humour. Come if you think you are a funny survivor. Come if you are curious and can listen to other people with interest and acceptance. This workshop will not heal your trauma but together we will share stories (if you want, no pressure) and think of ways that we can joke about these hard experiences.

Open to: Folks ages 19+ who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum. Must have capacity to respectfully listen to others. No prior comedy experience necessary however this workshop is tailored to folks who are interested in writing and stand up comedy.

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Sexualized Violence, Transformative Justice and the Shift Away from Criminalization

In this workshop, participants will learn about the basics of transformative justice as a model for ending and responding to sexualized violence, intimate partner violence, and other harms in society, and understand why many activists believe it is an essential shift from the current approach of criminalization, police and prisons.

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Find a SAAM Event

SAAM events are a collaboration among different campus partners with the goal of growing our awareness into action.

Everyone has a responsibility learn about sexual violence. We must begin to take action against sexual violence and the structures and norms that support it. Every action, however small, is an important part of cultural change. It’s up to all of us to build a culture of accountability, together.

The SAAM toolkit for students, faculty and staff

The SAAM media toolkit includes content for student, faculty and staff partners to use in email, social media, presentations and in posters.
Download the SAAM toolkit (7.5Mb)

We believe you

Colouring Book

This colouring book for survivors and allies was created by Shiayli Toni, a 4th year Varsity athlete with the UBC Women’s Ice Hockey team, majoring in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ). Shiayli also works as a Student Educator at UBC’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO), contributing her creative talents and leadership to campaigns, workshops, events, and resources for survivors and allies.
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Contact us

Contact SVPRO to learn more about SAAM or get involved in creating a culture of accountability.

We also support students, faculty and staff who have experienced sexual violence. We can help you
explore your options.

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